Full mouth dental implants / dentures cost

Dental holidays for a full dental restoration: Australia to HungaryWith costs rising all over the world and in Australia no wonder patients look for alternatives and they become interested in travelling abroad for dental treatment. There are places which are actively involved in medical tourism and they provide high standard of dental care services for a much more affordable price than in the local dental clinic.

Hungary is the number one hot spot for dental tourism in Europe and it lives up to its reputation. Quality of service is of the highest standard and patients get more attention and care for nearly half the price. Dental clinics in Budapest, Hungary are equipped with the latest technology and device and dentist use the most modern dental treatment techniques to satisfy the growing needs of dental patients.

Dental implants in Budapest, Hungary

Dental implants for partial or full denturesDental implants are an ideal and permanent solution for replacing single or multiple missing teeth. The dental implant is a titamium ‘root’ which replaces the function of the tooth root and transmits the chewing force from the tooth crown to the jaw bone to restore natural function.

By using this method to replace single missing teeth, the structure of the mouth is restored, ensuring the bone does not recede, which affects appearance. As a result patients not only restore their natural mouth function but they achieve an attractive and complete smile and a more comfortable and permanent solution in harmony with their natural teeth.

The teeth implant is inserted into the bone under local anaesthetic, and the bone grows onto the implant and integrates with the surface. The integration process takes between 3-6 months. During this time a temporary crown is placed for aesthetics and function. Once the implant has integrated with the bone a permenant crown is placed.

Patients can choose from different types of dental treatment that may involve dental implant supported dentures, full mouth dental rehabilitation or tooth replacement in general using dental crowns and bridges to get full dentures or fake tooth.